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Posted: March 19, 2011 by Andrew Alexander in Opinion , Special Post
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One of the most salient obstacles that I feel every comedian has to inevitably contemplate in his or her career is to know when to go “full-time”. I know from talking to comedians as part of my job that this particular obstacle can be the trickiest, being that a comedians income is mostly freelance and [...]

Posted: March 17, 2011 by Andrew Alexander in Comedy , Special events , Upcoming events
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New York Comedian and Philadelphia native Monroe Martin was kind enough to inform me of an awesome comedy event that will be happening in Philadelphia very soon. Some of Philly’s most established comedians will be performing at the very popular Raven Lounge for their upcoming comedy DVD, entitled Center City Comedy Presents: Live from the [...]

To most of us in the area, this comedian really needs no introduction, but if Comedy in Philadelphia is gaining momentum in terms of popularity and accessibility, Chris Cotton is one of the names to be credited. Anyone familiar with Chris’ comedy can say that it’s delivered from an awkward point of view. His subject [...]