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As if Philadelphia comedy couldn’t be more diverse, I was happy to receive information that a great sketch comedy show will be returning to Philadelphia by popular demand. “The WaitStaff” sketch comedy group will return to Helium comedy club, Wednesday, June 1st at 8 PM, with their critically acclaimed comedy show, The Real Housewives of [...]

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A very special thanks to all if the comedians who agreed to be a part of this commercial. Please enjoy (and share)!

Comedian Will “Spank” Horton is a Philadelphia native and is currently on tour with comedian Kevin Hart, who was kind enough to bring Spank on stage last night at the Laff House in support of his new DVD. Please enjoy this video of Spank’s kind words of support for this website.

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A very special thanks goes to Philadlephia comedy icon TuRae Gordon for his continued support of this site: Be sure to tune in to the premier of “It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia,  The Radio Show” on Gas House Radio

Most people are able write a good joke, but not everyone can deliver it in a proper fashion. Timing in comedy in terms of calling out the elephant in the room is always a grey area. Being a professional comedian, James Hesky knows this too well. James was kind enough to write an article for [...]

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Being a writer for a major city’s comedy scene, there’s really nothing better for me in the morning than sitting down with a coffee and America’s finest news source, The Onion. For those of you who aren’t aware of what The Onion is, it’s a free fake newspaper with cleverly written articles that never fail [...]

It’s my pleasure to announce that “It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia” will be reaching an even larger audience with it’s very own radio show on the popular internet radio station, Gas House Radio. What does a radio show from one of Philadelphia’s most popular comedy blogs entail? Basically, we will be providing an audio version [...]

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One of the most salient obstacles that I feel every comedian has to inevitably contemplate in his or her career is to know when to go “full-time”. I know from talking to comedians as part of my job that this particular obstacle can be the trickiest, being that a comedians income is mostly freelance and [...]

Note: This video contains graphic language (to say the least). I came across hilarious video of critically acclaimed comedian Bill Burr performing at a comedy show that radio hosts Opie and Anthony threw not too long ago during their “Traveling Virus” tour. Bill Burr is usually known as a good friend to the city of [...]

The second round of March’s biggest comedy event continued this monday at “Comedy on the Grill”, an open mic held every Monday at Bar Xchange, located in center city (Please read our initial article, explaining this comedy competition). I was happy to see the comedians who have advanced to the second round as well as [...]