Philadelphia’s Online Showcase

It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia is now an open forum and ready for your submissions!

What does this mean for you?


No more dealing with the annoying (and sometimes unsuccessful) attempts to email us with your original material (articles, video sets, short skits, room hosting and special events, etc.). Simply send your stuff directly to the site for approval and editing (grammar, spelling).

Clubs and Promoters:

Submit your shows and special events to the site and have it up and ready to be promoted to our online visitors who are looking for comedy in Philadelphia!

Comedy Fans and Local Event Journalists:

Keep up to date with the booming comedy scene in Philadelphia and use it to your advantage! Find your favorite comedians or discover new ones and see what they’re up to! Also, send relevant posts that may be beneficial to the area’s comedians (bookings, auditions, ways to feature them in other media, etc.).

This is just one of the next steps I’m taking to make this website a collective where comedians and comedy fans can really connect in a productive manner. I also feel that this will help with keeping up with the enormous amounts of news and events that are happening literally every day in Philadelphia, because there is so much to keep up with, one man isn’t enough to expose it all.


All you have to do is submit your email address and/or WordPress username to this site and you’ll be approved to submit your content straight to this site. No emailing me and waiting for a response, no calling me and waiting for the final draft to be posted, no more bullshit. Just send what you’d like to be posted to our online readers and it’s done!

Some of you may already have received an invitation to submit to the site recently via email. If you’d wish to be a part of Philadelphia’s vast comedy scene and culture, all you have to do is submit your information to [email protected]

This website has gained a great number of readers since it’s start in 2010, all of which visit our site regularly and are looking to laugh their tits off in Philadelphia. There’s no more excuses for you or your material not being on this site anymore. So start submitting your stuff now and gain exposure!

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  1. says:

    I have no clue how this works, I’m assuming this is how you submit your comedy.
    Credit for the video: Dennis Ruff & Matt Schultz

  2. says:

    Please view my video and let me how I can improve. I hope that you find it funny. It is my passion to pursue a career in comedy. I really enjoy experimenting with different characters. I like to have fun with comedy and I always look for ways to improve myself. Hope you enjoy the video!

  3. says:

    You can find my video titled Sista Kora on the youtube website. Thank you

  4. Nyeemah says:

    Where can I upload a got damn video! I don’t know if its me or a failed public school system, cuz i don’t get it! Plz help me, help you. Lol

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