Philadelphia’s Online Comedy Showcase

It only makes sense that in our attempts to promote those who make Philadelphia laugh that we do something funny ourselves. That’s why you’ll periodically see more and more original content written and produced myself and a few of Philly’s funniest and most creative people.

That’s why this particular page is here, to showcase some of the projects that I am a part of and hopefully indirectly encourage you to do the same. The page is relatively short for now, but throughout the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing much more original content posted right here. Stay tuned!

“SIRIously Fat”

My first original skit with the great guys from Center City Comedy (Chris Cotton, Tom Cassidy, directed by H. Foley), Reggie Conquest , and Alex Gross from

“Mentos Commercial”

Another joint production for myself, Center City Comedy , and Alex Gross of Super DPS . Starring comedians Jared Bilski, Lisa Yost, Dave Temple, Ryan Shaner, and Reggie Conquest (you can also spot me in a few quick shots).

“Laff House Buffalo Wings”

A quick promo that I did with comedian H. Foley and Alex Gross of (Camera Man) about how delicious the Laff House Comedy Club’s buffalo wings are.

“The Sweet”

Based on personal experiences in the Philly comedy scene, “The Sweet” is about a young, would-be comic named Julius Jones (played by comedian Robert X) who finds himself having to live in an apartment owned by a local comedy club. His new “dream job” takes a turn for the worse when he realizes that comedians don’t exactly make the best roommates, being intrusive, mentally unstable, and even forceful when one tries to kick-start Julius’ career in comedy. Story by Andrew Alexander, Directed by H. Foley, Shot and Edited by Alex Gross. Starring Robert X, Derek Gaines, Henry S. Cotton Jr., Dave Temple, H. Foley, Chris Cotton, Ryan Shaner, Jon DelCollo, and more.

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