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By Andrew Alexander

A HUGE welcome and thanks for visiting It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia, the internet’s premium comedic showcase for the Philadelphia area!

What we’re trying to do is create an online showcase and database of the Philadelphia area’s comedy circuit by collaborating with some of the best talent that the area has to offer. So what you’ll be seeing on this site will be different pieces of work by different comedians, whether it be a humorous essay, video clip, picture, paragraph, review, or opinion. If it’s a work done by a comedian, it has a home here.

What does this mean to you? Nothing if you don’t feel like contributing, but if you do, this is the place to promote your work. Like I said/typed, this site isn’t just for written works. If you’ve filmed a skit, we will post it. If you’ve written a funny essay, short story, or script, we will post/review it. Or even if you just found a funny video of a fat guy crying while drinking gravy… We will post it.

So what’s in it for you? If all goes correctly, this will be THE site for anyone who wants to know what’s going on in the Philadelphia comedy scene. If you’d like to post up your upcoming shows on our calendar for others to see, we would be more than happy to promote it. The key objective is to promote anything and everything that is Philadelphia comedy (this goes for our friends in the surrounding areas as well).

Andrew Alexander, Creator and editor of

My goal is to provide the city of Philadelphia with as much live comedy as possible by giving them a single location to look up events, comedians, and other comedy related topics that they otherwise may have not known about. For those who aren’t aware, Philadelphia has an extremely rich comedy culture with events and shows happening literally everyday, and I think that if more people had access to the information and resources that the “Philly comedy scene” has had an exclusive hold on until now, we could actually be known as a “Comedy city”, which is what I intend to do with is website and upcoming events.

My name is Andrew Alexander and I’m the creator and editor of “Always Funny”. I’m a published writer of short stories and websites with a passion for comedy. I happen to work for a comedy club in the area and know a good deal of the area’s comedians both local and professional and what they’re up to. Since there isn’t a central site that let’s comedy fans know what’s going on in the area, I decided to take it upon myself to provide just that, and I hope to achieve that with help from you, the comedian and comedy fans alike.

Thanks for visiting, and please enjoy the site.

- Andrew Alexander

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  1. Nice blog. I’ve visited a Philadelphia a few times and the next time I’m there I’ll be sure to do some open mics.

  2. Awesome site! Great place to showcase comedy. It has a great ring to it as well haha.

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