Philly Comic (and my neighbor) Alejandro Morales is throwing an event that I would have posted a little earlier on the site, but I wanted to start experimenting with post times for shows to see if what time frames had the best effect for gaining exposure (that and I lost the email that Alejandro had sent me in the first place).

Local comedy in Philadelphia is rarely thrown in big venues like the Troc, so it’s no surprise that an event like this would gain my attention. This show features some of my favorite local comics like Mary Radzinski and John Nunn, and the fact that it’s only five bucks makes it that much better. Throw in a few drinks followed by an after-show dinner at one of the many Chinese food restaurants nearby (it’s in Chinatown) and you got yourself an awesome evening.

So if you’re not doing anything (chances are you’re not… it’s a fucking Wednesday) put that open mic on hold this week and go check out this show. If not for the sake of live comedy in Philadelphia, then at least do it for me. Alejandro lives literally two houses down from me and it would totally awkward if this site didn’t help in any way.

If the flyer above isn’t enough info for you, check out the Facebook page for the event .

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