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Comedian Rob DeSantis had a great take on interviewing other Philadelphia comedians when he first got (previously featured comedian) drunk and recorded their conversation on video for all of the web to see. I liked the idea so much, I asked him to send over segment of the series as son as he recorded another one. This time, Rob interviews comedian James Hesky ( also featured on this site ) for some laughs.

The following is by comedian Rob DeSantis:


Earlier in the year I (Rob) got Philly comedian Alex Pearlman really…REALLY drunk and interviewed him about politics, comedy, religion, and god knows what else. After which Alex got on his bicycle and hurt himself physically by riding into a wall. All in all I considered it a successful venture. Now I return with comedian James Hesky. James is a Philly comedy vet with his own show at The Shubin Theater, “The Monthly Hour with James Hesky” . He also hosts a podcast with Darin Charles – Cheapodcast – which has featured many headliners who have come through Philly including John Oliver, Kurt Metzger, Greg Fitzsimmons, and many more. James didn’t ride his bike into a wall after this interview but after pouring that much liquor down his throat, I’m sure he felt like he did the next morning.


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