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Posted: February 15, 2011 by Andrew Alexander in Comedy , Special events
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This goes without saying that I appreciate everyone who has supported It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia as a website, blog, comedy news source, or what have you. My primary goal was to make this website appeal to everyone in the Philadelphia comedy scene and surrounding areas, whether they be comedians, venues, promoters, and, most importantly, fans. I pride myself in knowing that I have networked this site into the daily web-schedules of many people across the tri-state area and I intend to continue to expand the variety of web options that I have come across as a true fan and writer of comedy. With that said, I want to stress that this site has many plans in terms of expansion that you, the loyal visitor, will be noticing in future weeks to come. One of them being this announcement that I am very excited to bring to you:

Philadelphia Comedy Icon TuRae Gordon

I’m very pleased to announce that It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia will be in partnership with Philadelphia comedy icon, , in his upcoming series of filmed stand-up comedy classes, where he will explain in great detail, what it takes to be a competent stand-up comedian by today’s standards. For those of you who are a little behind in the Philadelphia comedy scene, TuRae is considered to be one of Philadelphia’s most successful and respected comedians, being credited not only in countless TV programs on virtually every major network (Comedy Central, NBC, HBO, Starz, and BET), but also being credited as the major influence of most comedians in Philadelphia.

[Please read our first ever "featured comedian" , featuring TuRae.]

This class will entail some of the essential information that anyone would need to become a competent, self-supporting comedian. Some may think that this only includes cliche’ techniques covered in other, less credible stand-up courses such as “How to write a joke” or “How to deliver a joke on stage”. Rest assured that these subjects don’t even hit a percentage of the overall value of these 2-month courses that TuRae will be providing. Some of the subjects covered in this all-inclusive course include “comedy business”, “show business etiquette and networking”, “material delivery”, “material originality”, “comedic integrity”, “bit construction and analysis”, and “what makes a ‘set’”.

Philadelphia Comedy Venue, The Laff House

These aren’t the typical comedy classes that involve a group of people with a teacher with little credibility or notoriety which whom they have little or no personal interaction with. These classes are very personal and in-depth and require personal ambition and respect for stand-up comedy as an art.

In addition to TuRae teaching these classes, everyone who participates in this course will be given a time spot on the graduate showcase comedy show, featuring those who have completed the course. Those who show the most potential will be featured on the filmed series of TuRae’s comedy class as well as a hosting position at the Laff House comedy club. Given the scale of this event, The series will be optioned to air on a major television network.

This isn’t the first time that TuRae will be teaching courses on comedy. Many critically acclaimed and successful comedians have benefited from TuRae’s classes and overall guidance.

“TuRae told you the brutal truth about the business and gave you the ground work of a real joke; how to break it down and set it back up. He didn’t teach us how to be funny, but he taught us how to create inside our own talents.” , Comedian, featured on TV programs such as Bill Bellamy’s Who’s got Jokes.

TuRae has been a mentor to me for both the performance and business aspects of the comedy game. He’s as insightful as he is funny. He does more for young comics than any other headliner from Philly .” – Richie Redding, Comedian, Actor, featured comedian at comedy clubs throughout the country.

What you can expect from this website is a weekly episode airing of the class’ progress from teaching aspiring comedians to showcasing newly trained professional comedians. Of course, you won’t be able to watch the classes in their entirety, that can only be done by signing up for the classes, but you will certainly get a good glimpse of what the students will be going through this 2 month course, only on It’s Always Funny in Philadelphia .

Here’s what you need to know:

The classes first meeting will take place on Wednesday, March 2nd at 6 PM at the Laff House Comedy Club, 221 South Street, Philadelphia, PA .

NOTE: This initial meeting is completely informational and free of charge. Details such as course overview, scheduling, and billing will be discussed.

Here are some videos that will give you a preview of what TuRae has to offer his upcoming class:

Video 1: TuRae’s view on comedy as a profession :

Video 2: TuRae on Martin Lawrence’s 1st Amendment Stand Up , on STARZ

Keep up with TuRae on Facebook and Twitter ( ) as well as his website, www.ComedyByTuRae.com

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