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Comedian and Philadelphia Native Chris Cotton

To most of us in the area, this comedian really needs no introduction, but if Comedy in Philadelphia is gaining momentum in terms of popularity and accessibility, Chris Cotton is one of the names to be credited.

Anyone familiar with Chris’ comedy can say that it’s delivered from an awkward point of view. His subject material ranges from matters such as the complexities of being in a relationship to everyday miscommunications. He was known to be a frequenter of the few open mics that Philly had to offer, but with his unique and hilarious style of comedy, he now runs Philly’s biggest chain of stand-up open mics.

Chris can be found at almost any of the many comedy events that happen everyday in Philadelphia, being that chances are that he had something to do with the production of it. Being a comedic entrepreneur, Chris is known for his line of comedy open mics that are spread throughout the city that are presented by his LLC, Center City Comedy, one of the few registered comedy businesses in Philadelphia.

The Raven Lounge's weekly open mic, Thursdays at 9

It all started at the Raven Lounge in center city. Chris was given an opportunity to throw a weekly open mic on their second floor (Thursdays at 9). Once the show became a success with a very loyal following, Chris (along with his partner, Philadelphia comedian ) decided to expand their comedy shows to numerous locations throughout the area, making stand-up comedy not just available, but FREE to anyone who enjoys comedy in Philly.

Chris’ work ethic doesn’t stop with Center City Comedy. His stand-up material, being as hilarious and universally appealing as it is, has not only gained him critical acclaim as one of Philadelphia’s most popular comics, it has also gained him a hosting position at not only one, but both of Philadelphia’s premium comedy venues, the Laff House on south street and Helium comedy club in center city.

With all of that said, Chris also writes and stars in his own video skits (one of which has already been featured on this site). You can check them out at this link . You can also keep up with Chris Cotton and all of his open mics and other comedy events on his .

Check out this video of Chris Cotton performing at Helium Comedy Club:

Also, Check out this skit featuring Chris Cotton, “Donovan and Me”

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