Philadelphia Comedian James Hesky

A personal favorite of mine, an all around great guy, and one of Philadelphia’s comedians that’s receiving well-deserved, steady work at shows and comedy clubs in the area for his hilarious take on life’s situations, both personal and public. I am happy to announce that the first featured comedian on 2011 is none other than James Hesky.

James was one of the comics that I’ve seen at the Raven Lounge numerous times and had always remembered since the first time I’ve seen him. I would occasionally see him at clubs around the city, but one of the most memorable sets that I recall is the one that he performed at a competition for a hosting job at Helium comedy club, a competition in which he was one of it’s winners.

James’ comedy is relatable to everyone, which makes him universally appealing, but I know I speak for myself and others when I say that as a man with a “healthy” appetite, there are few comics, let alone in Philadelphia, that really speak to us. So it goes without saying that James’ comedy is refreshing and truly unique when it comes to comedy in Philadelphia.

Like a lot of Philly’s best comedians, you can tell that James spends time on his writing before his delivery. Where other comics may have a strict formula for their jokes, only delivering them as “premise-punchline-premise-punchline”, James’ set is unpredictable to say the least, which makes myself appreciate it that much more.

James’ comedy doesn’t just stop at stand-up. He is also hosts one of the few Podcasts that Philly Comedy has, which is my kind of podcast. You can check it out here .

Please enjoy this recent video of James at Helium Comedy Club:

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