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I would be lying if I said I wasn’t completely excited about the progress Philadelphia has made in 2010 in terms of comedy. It was only a little while ago when we were just a closely knit group of people who met up at random rooms and did stand-up. Now, we’re a more organized, closely knit group of people who meet up at random rooms. 2011 is almost here and the progress we have made is astonishing. Here’s a quick overview of the major events that have made Philadelphia that much closer to being a “Comedy City”:

1) Center City Comedy LLC – If Philadelphia comedy is becoming more popular and more accessible, these guys are the ones to thank. Comedians Chris Cotton and H. Foley started Center City Comedy as a nickname for their weekly open mic service at the Raven Lounge. Today, Center City Comedy has weekly open mics at spots all over the city with a few venues in the works. I was happy to find out from Chris that they have registered Center City Comedy as a legitimate business. This a huge deal amongst everyone in the Philadelphia comedy scene, comedians and fans alike. Pretty soon, with the combination of comedy clubs, special events, and Center City Comedy LLC, Stand-up will be accessible everywhere in Philadelphia.

2) Comedians Getting Work – Over the past year , I’ve seen a great deal of comedians getting regular work through various outlets. Whether it be comedians getting host or feature jobs at one of the comedy clubs in the area, or comedians throwing and promoting their own shows, we have proven that the Philly comedy scene is a self supporting system of entrepreneurs  in the purest sense. Philly comics don’t necessarily need representation to get work in this town, all they need is some good networking skills and funny jokes. Which brings me to the next subject:

3) Comedians for Comedy – The one aspect of Philadelphia comedy that has been progressing us the most is our support for one another. Not to sound cheesy, but one of the most impressive aspects that keeps Philadlephia comedy getting more and more popular is our ability to promote each other’s work, site’s such as this one being an example. I owe my gratitude to the many comedians and comedy clubs in the area for helping me get this site to a quick and impressive start. I intend to return the favor by making sure that this is the site to visit for comedy fans for the tri-state area and make sure that their comedy is always accessible and promoted.

With that said, I encourage everyone to keep supporting the many  comedy events that literally happen every day of the week in Philadelphia. Whether it be an open mic thrown by one of our friends, a monthly show such as “Soul Comedy” or “Tickle Me Tuesday”, or just a show thrown at one of the area’s comedy clubs, it always helps if even one more person can show up. Needless to say that promoters and comedians appreciate support in any fashion, so odds are that they will return the favor.

With 2011 ahead of us, I’m excited to see what will happen in the Philadelphia comedy scene. We truly have some hard workers in this circuit and I have no doubt that the moves we make in the following year will top the ones we’ve made in this one.

Thank you for continuing to support this site, as well as Philly Comedy.

- Andrew Alexander

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