For those who aren’t familiar, Crazy Jay is one of my personal favorites. His stage name sums up what most people call him after they watch him perform. I found this video in my archives and thought that all of you would enjoy this video as much as I did.

Please enjoy:

I was lucky enough to be able to record a hilarious bit from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” star J.B. Smoove at his recent show at the Laff House. I thought his use of his own shirt was very unique and it had me cracking up.

Please enjoy:

Available on iTunes

Comedian Monroe Martin was kind enough to send me info on his new podcast with our fellow comedian friends named “C.D.M Mid Day Talk” on iTunes.

Take it from someone who works with them, being a part of a conversation with comedians can be one of the most fun day-to-day experiences you can go through. That’s why I was excited to find out that my friends Monroe Martin, Chris Cotton, and Derek Gaines had started a podcast where they talk about anything that comes to mind.

Already through 5 episodes, these comics had recorded some of their in-depth conversations that usually come up when they’re just hanging out. From movies to relationships to their careers in comedy, their conversations go as off-the-cuff as they get. Talking to these comics is already extremely funny, so it’s convenient to have their humor as accessible as the touch of an iPod.

C.D.M Mid Day Talk is available for free download in the iTunes store. Search them and download one of their episodes that feature a special guest comedian with the likes of Conrad Roth or critically acclaimed comic, Godfrey (ep. 4).

Check them out on iTunes or their .

Follow these comedians on twitter @Cotton215 , @MonroeMartinIII , and @Derek1Gaines

In Theaters September 9th

Throughout Hollywood, comedy giant Kevin Hart is mainly known for his antics on stage, selling out theaters across the country in his record breaking Laugh at my Pain tour. It wasn’t since the likes of Eddie Murphy that a touring comedian had grossed over 1.1 million dollars in a two day span from live comedy ticket sales.

Original cover of Kevin's first CD, recorded at the Laff House

Less known than his status as an entertainment juggernaut, what most of his fans don’t know is that his comedic roots take place in Philadelphia, where he started comedy in rooms such as The Laff House, located on south street, where his original stage name was “Lil’ Kev, ‘the bastard’”. It wasn’t until he was put on stage by Philadelphia comedy icon, , that he started telling jokes to small crowds across the city, where he gained a following before moving on to other comedy cities like New York and L.A.

The beginning of Kevin’s new movie follows him back to his Philadelphia home where he revisits the Laff House to tell the story of his beginning with segments of those who knew him best like Philadelphia comedians TuRae, Keith Robinson, and his long-time touring opener .

Kevin Hart’s new stand up movie “Laugh at My Pain” opened in AMC theaters last night, September 9th. Check your local listings for times. Kevin is anticipated to return to Philadelphia for numerous special events which, of course, will be covered by Always Funny.

Enjoy this special skit that accompanies Kevin’s new movie, “Laugh at my Pain”

I was happy to find out from Philadelphia Comedian that there will be a nation-wide competition assembled by comedians from different cities in a competition-styled comedy tour. This will be a chance for comedians from Philly to travel abroad and be seen by club-bookers across the country.

In order for Frank to determine which comedians will be on the team, there will be an audition held at The Comedy Cabaret in Northeast Philadlephia, Friday, September 23rd.

All Comedians who wish to audition should contact Frank Genzano via email at [email protected] with their name, address, and phone number. There is a $25 non-refundable processing fee that must be payed via paypal in order to be included.

More info on this audition can be found at .

Audition spots are limited and running out. It is suggested that those who wish to be a part of the auditioning process should apply immediately.

Featured Video: Center City Comedy Presents “Paintballing with Rambo”

Philadelphia Comedy Company Center City Comedy

Along with their successful track record of stand up, Philly-based comedy production comedy Center City Comedy has produced an impressive body of work with short comedy skits. Comedian directed the following skit starring fellow Always Funny featured comedians James Hesky , Chris Cotton and in a story about two kids who reluctantly bring their dad on a paintballing trip.

Enjoy the following video from Center City Comedy, featuring numerous Philly Comics in a hilariously written skit:

I’m a big fan of skit comedy. So I was happy to see a new video posted on starring Philadelphia comedian James Hesky .

In this sketch, James touches on his two conflicting states that he finds himself in after a night of drinking (if the title hadn’t already explained that to you).

Please enjoy the following video at this link .

Let’s just say that featuring a Philly Comic under these circumstances isn’t exactly what I had planned. Believe me when I say that Danny Ozark’s time as a featured comedian on this website was inevitable and that the circumstances surrounding this particular incident is unfortunate, but if there’s any reason to feature him at this time, it’s this:

If there’s anyone who has shown unwavering support of most of Philadelphia’s comedy scene, it’s comedian Danny Ozark. Considered to be one of Philadelphia’s veteran comics and promoters of comedy, Danny has had a great deal (if not a majority) of Philadelphia’s comedians on his stage, which is considered to be one of the major stepping stones for working comedians in Philadelphia.

Unfortunately, Danny was assaulted and robbed on his way home on the night of August 5th. Personal items which had great sentimental (and financial) value to him were taken from his person in addition to physical injuries that were inflicted on him.

Fortunately, concerned members of Philly Comedy have been kind enough to start a fund raiser to support Danny for lost items and damages done. Being as big a figure in the Philadelphia comedy community as he is, it would only make sense for those who Danny has supported over the years to return the favor in any way possible. It goes without saying that Philly Comedy is a closely knit group of performing artists and that when one of our own can be helped, we can do so if possible.

The initiation of this fund raiser was the work of concerned Philly Comedians such as Mike Rainey, Dan Eastman, the comedy group “Comedians for a Cause”. There won’t be a commercial with slow-motion profile shots of Danny on a screen while a Sarah McLachlin track is played, but I encourage those who know and have been supported by Danny to consider returning the favor in any way.

There is a concerning the matter where those who are willing to contribute to the cause of helping one of Philly Comedy’s prominent figures.

I’m happy to say that although the physical damage done to Danny was severe, he is recovering and in good spirits.

Video of the Day – Bill Burr Talks Philadelphia Hospitality

Critically Acclaimed Comedian and friend to Philadelphia Bill Burr

For a comedian not from the area, Bill Burr has shown his familiarity with Philadelphia a great deal of times. He’s had memorable shows here including the time he cursed us out at the and Anthony comedy show (you can view that video ) as well as the recording for his early CD “Emotionally Unavailable” which was recorded at the Laff House.

In this episode of his podcast, Bill Burr talks about his experience at a Hotel just outside the Philadelphia airport. Being as familiar with our city as he is, it makes for a great story by a nationally acclaimed comedian.

Please enjoy the following video (more like an audio clip) of Bill Burr’s experience in Philadelphia:

For more info on Bill Burr, visit his website,

Aaaaaand we’re back!

My apologies for the brief hiatus, I’m currently working on other Philly comedy projects that will come to the public eye in months to come.

There have been plenty of awesome events since the last time I had posted on the site, but I was recently informed of an even more awesome event that should show beneficial to Philadelphia comedians (one in particular).

The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Deleware has been kind enough to send me details on their upcoming comedy competition, appropriately called “LOL @ The Grand”.

Here’s how it’ll work:
All who wish to apply are encouraged to, but The Grand Opera House in association with Out and About will only choose ten comedians to move on to their finalist round in a competition for one grand prize: A chance to open up for on of their upcoming headliners.

Previous headliners at The Grand have included critically acclaimed comedians such as Lewis Black, Kathleen Madigan, Kathy Griffin, Ron White, Sinbad, Wanda Sykes, and others!

This would be a great opportunity for comedians who would like to gain a great deal of exposure. Whether one wins the grand prize or not, it will be a great networking event and a chance to perform for a packed audience at The Grand.

Comedians who wish to enter the competition should head over to this link and apply. THE DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS NOVEMBER 1st, 2011!!! The producers of this event have requested that no phone calls be made to The Grand Opera House or Out & About.